Step One

Picking the right agent is the most important step in buying or selling real estate.

 And how do you do that? 

You don't need to spend your time learning how to be a Realtor or studying real estate and contract law. That's our job. You are going to be busy searching for your new home, packing for your move and getting your house ready to show if you have a house to sell.  Taking the time to find a Realtor that you trust is the first and most important step.  An experienced Realtor will help you avoid the common real estate pitfalls which can cost you money, stress and possibly loosing the house you want.  Simply investing your time in choosing the right agent and then letting that agent do their job can prove to be the most efficient use of your time. You can even save a ton of time right now - Hire us! That will complete step one and you can start looking for your new house today.

Why Choose Park West Realtors?

You need a realtor who puts your interest ahead of everything else.  Whether you are buying or selling our #1 priority is helping you get the best deal possible. We are honored when someone trusts us with what will probably be the largest financial commitment of their life and we don't want to disappoint.  One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what company you choose your Realtor works for you!  We believe that people will make the right decision when they have all of the information.  We keep you informed at every step so it is easy to see what the right decision is. Yes, we will give you advise and share our opinion but it is your house and your decision.

Agents need to be honest and ethical

Real Estate is a highly regulated industry which requires FBI back ground checks for all agents as well as mandatory ethics training.  Park West Realtors is very selective about the agents we hire.  We have a reputation to protect and that protects you.  Many of our agents also work in public safety as Paramedics and Firefighters or are spouses of those who do.  

Communication is key 

Beyond being trustworthy your Realtor should also be easy to contact.  We know that some people prefer email or texting while others would rather talk on the phone.  We believe that actual voice contact allows for the best communication but ultimately we meet your needs in this area and communicate however you prefer. That is why all of our agents have their cell numbers and email addresses listed on our agents page.  We encourage you to meet with one of our agents in person to see if they are someone you want to work with. We think you should be comfortable enough with your Realtor to leave your children with them- but babysitting is extra!