How do you buy a home?

Buying a house is a simple and fun process. As you may have read on our home page the first step is to call a Realtor. It's really is that simple. Just pick up the phone or email one of our agents and you will have accomplished step one. The agent will make sure you have your financing in place and then show you houses that you can afford in the area that you want to live in. Once you find the house you want we will negotiate the price and terms then guide you through the process. Done! You bought a house!

Obviously there is much more to it than that but that is for us to worry about, you get the fun part. We don't have volumes of information on our website for a reason. It's called the "World Wide Web" and it contains nearly all the information known to man.  You can spend years looking up information on buying and selling real estate if that is what you want to do.  We believe that real estate is a personal business built on relationships and that communication is one of the most important characteristics to look for when finding an agent.   If you want to know what to expect or have any questions related to real estate give one of us a call.  A large part of what we do is educating our clients.  All of our advise is free and we love to talk real estate. 

The one question I will address because we get asked all the time is: "How do Realtors get paid"  or "Who pays the Realtors?"

Answer: Typically a property owner enters into a listing agreement with a Real Estate Brokerage like Park West Realtors. This Broker is considered the "Listing Broker" aka the "Sellers Broker".  That agreement addresses how much the property owner will pay the Broker to sell their house.  When another Broker or one of their agents brings in a buyer, that Broker is known as the "Buyers Broker".  The buyers Broker is paid out of the commission collected by the listing or sellers broker.  The buyer almost never pays any of the commissions. 

Note: You should never pay a Realtor directly out of your pocket unless you have a special agreement to do so. This is very rare and should be cause for alarm if you are asked to do so.