Looking for information?

What does it take to sell a house?

First you have to own a house. If you have that part handled the next step is to call or email one of our agents. Most people start off wanting to know how much their house is worth. Every agent in the world will provide you with a free consultation to let you know what they think your house is worth and we are no different. Your homes value is a good starting point but value is just the tip of the iceberg.  Park West Realtors takes a more comprehensive approach. We want to know what your goal is?  Are you trying to move up or downsize? Are you moving out of the area or are you just trying to lower your payments?  Once we know what you are trying to accomplish we can help you reach your goal.

Now the real question is not about your homes value but how much money will you put in your pocket when you sell it.  To take it a step further the ultimate question is will you get enough money from the sale of your house to accomplish the goal that we asked you about earlier. Call us or send one of our agents an email and tell us what you are trying to accomplish, we want to help you get there.  We can answer all of your questions, explain the process and get you started.

Still wondering how much your house is worth?

Ok true, this is still the first step to see how much you will put in your pocket. If you want to get an accurate opinion about your homes value from a real estate professional call us.  There are to many variables for anyone to give an accurate price over the phone.  Without seeing the condition, amenities, improvements, neighborhood etc. it would be an educated guess at best.  What about Zillow?  Since Zillow has never been in your house it is probably wrong. We really need to see your house to give you an accurate price. No pressure just information.  A large part of what we do is educating our clients so don't be hesitate to call. We love to talk about real estate and we may have a buyer looking for what you have. Check our Park West Realtors Facebook page for a list of our active buyers.


What do you want from us?

Whether you believe it or not its service.

We don't subscribe to the industry's plan. There is a push in the real estate industry to get the client (that's you) to do as much of the work as possible.

We believe that real estate is a service industry and that it is our job to provide service.  We are not here to delegate our tasks to the client. We use technology when it is beneficial, but we are not committed to eliminating personal contact like some companies.  It is more work for us but that's our job and we enjoy it!  

We love people & we love to help 

We have no phone tree and no secretary, you can call any of our agents directly. There is no section on our website requiring you to enter all of your contact information so we can pester you about buying a house. We are here to sell houses not build a data base. All of our cell phones are listed under the agents section along with brief bio's.  If you have a question or need information call us.  You can also email or text, we communicate however you want - just not through tarot cards or mediums.